About Us


All creatures BIG and SMALL,

Love them ALL

Four Paw Critters:



Domestic, Feral, Indoor or Outdoor

Dog Breeds:

As small as Chihuaua's, Dachshunds and Yorkies

As large as Alaskan Malamute, 

Bull Mastiff, and Newfoundlands

"Mislabeled" (aggressive) Pit Bulls, German Shephards, Doberman Pinchers 

New Puppies and Senior Care 

that require special attention

Other "Pet" Species:


Small Caged Critters:

Ferrets, Rabbits, Hedgehogs, Suger Gliders


Bearded Dragons, Pythons, Turtles


Parrots, Cockatoos, Parakeets

Aquariums and Koi Ponds

Farm animals:

Chickens, Horses


Trust, Integrity and Compassion

Your peace of mind is top priority.

We are compassionate professionals and believe in transparent communication.   

We provide consistent routines pets are accustomed to in the best interest for their welfare. 

Trust our desire and integrity to provide compassionate "5 paw" star results when you return home to happy and healthy pets.

Our Dog Pack - Trusted Associates

Kristine Britt


The "Pack Leader"

Professional Owner and Sole Proprietor.  Established Cuddle Buddies Pet Care over 7 years ago in April 2012, and is passionate about providing exceptional loving care for client pets, giving peace of mind for families while they travel.   

Frequently involved with rescue organizations/events and has three of her own rescued dachshunds whom are the primary inspiration for establishing Cuddle Buddies Pet Care.  

All creatures big and small, love them all!

Christina O'Brien


For over 14 years, Christina has demonstrated loyalty as a friend and care giver.  She now shares the same unbeatable compassion for animals of her own and Cuddle Buddies Pet Care client pets she cares for.  Animals are drawn to her like Snow White with her sweet nature, just like a bee to honey and humming bird to nectar. 

She can be counted on to handle active client pets who require more activity, such as walks and play time.  Her area of focus is Cypress including Coles Crossing, Longwood, and Town Lake.  

Debra O'Brien


For over 4 years, Debra has been instrumental in the success of our over night pet sitting assignments, proving trust, companionship and uncompromised integrity.  

She has her own pet sitting business but extends her expertise with Cuddle Buddies Pet Care when extra "24 hour" care is desired or when another need comes up and we need an extra "paw" to help.

Her primary service area is Town Lake, Bridgeland and Fairfield.

Tracy Sarradet


Traci is a happy dog mom of 4 and has real life experience caring for pups with medical needs and limitations including IVDD common in dachshunds.  She has a heart of gold, reliable and always extends herself on a moments notice for urgent last minute assignments.  She too has her own pet sitting business and we are grateful she is always readily available to step into her tennis shoes and handle clients for Cuddle Buddies Pet Care.   

Allison Sisk


Ali has a subtle way of making animals feel comfortable in her company.    Unbeatable ability to overcome any challenge posed during her visits.  She too has her own pet family, a rescued pit bull mix and yellow domestic short hair tabby cat.  She is compassionate and trusting, providing exceptional customer care for Cuddle Buddies Pet Care for over 4 years.  She assists with our Jersey Village and Houston areas.

Paula Moore


Paula is a true professional.

She is a Mary Kay consultant so her schedule is flexible for those requiring more catered care.  She has a calm and compassionate nature with all critters big and small.  She has expertise with  administering medications including insulin injections as two of her beloved Pomeranian pups are diabetic.  She covers Cypress, Tomball and areas of Spring.